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      I use Virgin Mobile as well and if you look for it you can actually do

      a top up (refill) for $15 every 3 months which = $5/mon if you don’t

      go over! Cheapest cell plan I’ve found 🙂 We’ve been using them

      since November and love it. DH and I each have a phone line and I got

      one for my small business I run (low call volume but like to have a

      separate # for it). We use their 20/10 plan 20 cents/min and I think

      10 at non peak? I don’t recall the details. I don’t use a cell

      much…mostly for emergency or to get a hold of DH at work or

      something. I have like $40 of built up credits since Nov LOL


      — In, “Char” wrote:


      > Virgin Mobile is a great and cheap provider – I posted the website a

      while ago – it is in the aechives. You can get a reconditioned phone

      from their website for $10.

      > Anyway, your payment can be as low as $20 every 3 months – depending

      upon if you usse the phone for emergencies only or if you use it alot

      (it will be more per month then). It is a prepaid phone and has

      excellent service. Their provider is Sprint (I believe). My sister

      had a Go-phone – the service wasn’t as good as Virgin mobile. It is

      25 cents a minute.

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