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      I have Cingular/ATT. I have 2 friends that also have phones on my

      package, and the phone bill is under $90. It’s actually ending up

      being $29.23 per phone. We have 550 anytime minutes, unlimited

      nights and weekends, plus unlimited mobile to mobile. That mtm means

      we can call any cingular/att cell phone at any time and it does not

      cost us minutes. the account does not have roaming charges in the

      usa, which means any of us can travel and there’s no worry about

      additional charges. with my friends and relatives, and the friend

      that has been on my account for years having relatives and friends

      also on mtm with this account, we actually use not that many of our

      550 minutes. The work provided cell phones the management has at my

      place of employment are also ATT, so the boss can call me at any time

      and not worry about running up my minutes. He and I have used our

      phones on occasions instead of calling each other over the

      intercom. Right now, we have roll-over minutes saved up. One friend

      has been having to deal with her husband having cancer. He has been

      doing a lot of treatments. She has been having to make a number of

      calls to the clinic, to the hospital, and a few other

      businesses. These would have been long distance on her phone if she

      had not had the cell phone to make the calls. For the first time in

      over 5 years, we have actually used some of those roll-over minutes.

      Ann in Arkansas

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