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      I have Alltel, I pay around $110 a month for mine. I have no home

      phone, and no cable TV so no internet either. I am a single parent so

      to me a phone is a necessity.

      I have a Moto Q, so I have 750 anytime minutes with my 10 friends and

      family numbers. I designate 10 people I can talk to unlimited without

      using my minutes. I also have unlimited texting and unlimited

      internet on my phone. So I can get online with my phone or I can hook

      it up to my laptop and have internet.

      I do this so I don’t have to pay for a home phone or Cable to get

      internet. SO I am actually saving money… That is what counts to

      me. That is why I have mine.

      On 7/11/08, M F <> wrote:

      > My husband and I do not use our cell phones much at all. But we signed a 2

      > yr contract because our kids naaaaaggggged us for a cell phone.


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