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      As I’ve posted before, I’m a newly single mom with a toddler. We are

      living with my folks for awhile, but I’m trying to figure out how I

      can afford a decent place to live on our own. I was excited to find

      out about a new housing development in my parents town – 16

      townhouses, 4 of which are designated as affordable housing. The

      school system is very good, it would be 5 minutes from my parents,

      and mixed in with “regular” housing, so my daughter wouldn’t have

      the stigma of living on “the wrong side of the tracks”. I was very

      disheartened to learn about the maximum allowable income in order to

      qualify. Besides the fact that I will earn more than the maximum

      between a job and child support, I don’t see how anyone could afford

      the mortgage on that income. I crunched the numbers over and over,

      deleting everything from my budget that wasn’t necessary for basic

      survival, and it just didn’t add up. Who are these affordable

      housing units for? The bank won’t give you the mortgage if your

      income isn’t sufficient, but if your income is sufficient to support

      the mortgage then you don’t qualify for affordable housing.

      Has anyone else run into this? Any words of wisdom?


      P.S. This is in Massachusetts.

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