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      That’s great that you can get that formula on WIC.

      That stuff is expensive! My daughter was on

      Nutramigen which is the equivalent. I wished I was

      able to breastfeed. I did in the beginning and pumped

      too…but she ended up with colic and reflux and we

      had to switch to the hypoallergenic, pre-digested

      formula. Total sticker shock!

      — Chris Campbell <> wrote:

      > we are in the same situation i get paid 110 per week

      > and husband works 40 hours with maybe 8-10 hours of

      > ot but not a usual thing and they said we don’t

      > qualify for any assistance but wic says we do I am

      > happy that we do due to teh cost of his formula

      > which is like 25 for a 16 ounce can of powder which

      > last about a week. he is on allementum i think

      > that’s how it’s spelled.





      > Don’t get soaked. Take a quick peak at the forecast


      > with theYahoo! Search weather shortcut.



      Don’t pick lemons.

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