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      — In, Herlean wrote:


      > We ran into that problem when my husband went on unemployment. We

      made “too much money” to get assistance from the state or county for

      our baby, but “not enough money” to make it over the hump. Paycheck

      to paycheck would have been a real step up. Borrowing from people

      was not an option. We did get a few things from Freecycle, but it

      really sucks that we fall “between the cracks”. If I would just

      quit my job, we could officially live in our 10 year old van and be

      homeless, then we could get help!!!!! However, as long as we can

      somehow struggle through, oh well, tough.


      > The system needs a lot of help. It should help people who are

      truly in dire straits, even for a few months.


      > “Too much money????” Frustrating. I would love to invite them

      over to see the lap of luxury that we are living in. (Smell that


      > > Herlean

      Three days after my twin daughters were born, my husband lost his

      job. The twins stayed in the hospital until they were a month old.

      We received WIC during that time. When the girls were 4 months old,

      I found out I was pregnant again. When the third daughter was born,

      WIC recertified us. My husband had found a job at that time.

      The “system” said we didn’t qualify, because we made enough

      for “7” . My husband said, “7 what?”. That was 17 years ago, but I

      guess things don’t change.

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