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      There’s government loans for students. Most students qualify for

      them, they are no-interest or low interest. You need to fill out a

      FAFSA (I think that’s right) onine. Make an appointment with your

      financial advisor. The government will base how much they give you

      based on your “estimated cost of attendance” will be. The school

      estimates that number (and they don’t count your daughter)…they say

      for a student at our school the average rent is____, the average

      amount on groceries should be_____, etc. Then they loan you that

      amount. So they will give you enough for full tuition and then some

      for rent, food, etc. Not that much above tuition, but you make it

      work. My husband is just finishing up dental school and we have 3

      kids. He can only work saturdays and I do babysitting here and

      there, but basically we live off the student loans he gets. No way

      we could’ve gone to school without getting into debt…no a 1/4

      million dollars later we’ll be graduating (yeah)..but spending 4 more

      years doing a residency for an oral surgery program 🙁 Good luck!


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      > But, how do I sign up for school

      > without knowing where the money’s coming from first?

      > Can anyone shed some light on this for me?




      > I think you can still register for classes without knowing where

      the money

      > is coming from and then, if you don’t get the money (or enough

      money) by a

      > certain period, you can withdraw from classes and all you would

      lose is the

      > registration fees. Check with the college you want to go to and

      find out what

      > their policy on dropping out of a program is – how soon before

      classes start do

      > you have to drop, if you would still be responsible for any tuition

      costs etc.

      > Liz


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