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      That’s exactly what I’m doing (and have been for the last 5 years) minus the child. I work full-time and for the last 3 years I commuted an hour each way on top of it. It can be done!

      And you don’t have to start paying until all of your schooling is done…six months after to be exact. It’s the best investment you can make with your money. Consider this, when you think about your credit card debt (past or present) do feel you bought things that gave you pride, helped you make more money and gave you something no one can ever take away?

      Well, a degree will give you all of those things. Again, I think it’s worth every penny.


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      I can’t stay with my parents indefinitely. My dad

      wants my plan for how and when I’m going to get my own

      place. To make things more difficult, I’ve realized

      that I will need to get a master’s degree to really

      follow my passion. I have no idea how to manage work,

      school, a home, and have any time left to spend with

      my young daughter. And the thought of signing up for

      about $30K in debt for my education – just as I’m

      getting out of debt for the first time in years –

      gives me a sinking feeling.


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