Catch 22

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      I understand. But, when you do go into debt for your ed, get the fannie mae ed loans. They have a low interest rate and you are not on the hook to pay them back (I also think they don’t accrue intrest) until you graduate and finish your education.

      Also, see if you are eligable for any scholarships.

      You may be, as a single parent. Talk to financial aid at college to get the loans and scholarships.

      You need a masters? What field do you plan on going into?


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      To make things more difficult, I’ve realizedthat I will need to get a master’s degree to reallyfollow my passion. I have no idea how to manage work,school, a home, and have any time left to spend withmy young daughter. And the thought of signing up forabout $30K in debt for my education – just as I’mgetting out of debt for the first time in years –gives me a sinking feeling.


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