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      We have 8 cats. wow! I have to say that for people

      who have cats, its hard to tell that the cat smell

      really smells. We used Tidy cat for years and I could

      not get the smell out of the house. I happened to

      visit a friend one day who has 8 cats and I couldn’t

      smell anything. I asked what she used. She told me.

      nature’s miracle. After a year of trying different

      cat litters, I gave in to trying nature’s mircle. I

      bought it at the local Petco or Petsmart. It really

      works, but I will be honest. Its costly. We have to

      scoop twice a day but the cats love it. I think ti

      really depends on what you want to do. If the cat

      smell does not bother you then don’t worry about it.

      We entertain a lot and I could not see continuing on

      with the cat litter smell. Pine sol does not usually

      cut it or orange or even candles. the candles usually

      cover so much but the urine smell is undeniable.

      — “P. Lane” <> wrote:

      > Hi, there!


      > I clean my house and cat boxes daily but my Uncle

      > still swears there is a “cat smell” that not even

      > orange scented PineSol or triple scented candles can

      > “hide”. I personally don’t smell anything but I’m

      > angrily told that I’m “used to it”. *shrug* I have

      > no idea what he’s talking about but is there

      > anything for cat “smells”?


      > I did a search on the website for “cat” and found

      > some interesting things, just not what I was looking

      > for. Perhaps I need to use different search words?

      > If so, which ones? Deodorizer?


      > Thanks in advance,

      > P. Lane




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