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      Spray vinegar around in the fabrics- carpet, drapes, furniture, etc,

      to help get rid of the scent.

      — In, “P. Lane”



      > Hi, there!


      > I clean my house and cat boxes daily but my Uncle still swears

      there is a “cat smell” that not even orange scented PineSol or

      triple scented candles can “hide”. I personally don’t smell anything

      but I’m angrily told that I’m “used to it”. *shrug* I have no idea

      what he’s talking about but is there anything for cat “smells”?


      > I did a search on the website for “cat” and found some interesting

      things, just not what I was looking for. Perhaps I need to use

      different search words? If so, which ones? Deodorizer?


      > Thanks in advance,

      > P. Lane

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