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      Our 15 year old cat has been losing a lot of weight over the past

      several months. We thought she was just being picky. First she

      stopped eating dry food and then stopped eating most canned food.

      Yesterday my daughter took her into the vet to have her teeth

      cleaned since the vet stated that bad teeth is the reason most cats

      quit eating dried food. Well the vet found a very large, cancerous

      tumor in her bottom jaw and had to remove a large portion of the

      jaw. Thankfully, my daughter works for the vet so that was free.

      Anyway, we now have to make baby food consistency food for her.

      Does anyone know where I can find information on what basic things a

      cat needs to get proper nutrition? I am hoping I can make the food

      for less that buying all canned food. She will not eat the

      inexpensive stuff like 9 Lives…the vet says that she probably

      associates it with the painful tumor in her jaw and that is why she

      won’t eat certain kinds of cat food. He said with the tumor

      removed, she will no longer have any pain but will never be able to

      eat normally again thus the need for a thin, puree consistency food

      for her.

      Thanks in advance for any help. Kim

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