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      I scoop mine daily and clean them thouroughly like you do once a month. I also use baking soda to absorbe odor. Also I use a bowl of vinegar ( white ) and a lemon slice for a deoderizor ( gosh I hope my spelling is good )

      Hope this helps.

      I have 5 cats ( rescues ) and 2 kittens and 3 cat litter boxes and no odor.

      On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 12:31 PM, Tina <> wrote:

      I currently have three indoor cats and three litter
      boxes. I usually dump the entire box around the first of each month, clean it
      with diluted bleach water to sanitize, and then refill. It is necessary to
      dump all the litter on a regular basis as the urine and its odor will
      eventually permeate the plastic as well as break down the letter itself which
      results in the cat no longer using the litter box.

      Enjoy your new fur baby.

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