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      > We have found the best litter box for us is a Rubbermaid bin (it’s

      > only about a foot high). It’s so easy to clean.

      So I’m not the only one that does the alternate container litter

      boxes. One of my cats is part bobcat, the other 2 are part

      Siamese. That makes 3 kitties with long bodies. The regular litter

      boxes just were not big enough for them to be in the box and use any

      spot other than a corner.

      At one time, I was in a much larger place and the kitties had a

      luxury litter box. It was a 3 foot diameter plastic kids wading

      pool. When I was buying the pool and several bags of litter, the

      customer behind me in line spoke up, “Excuse me for being nosey, but

      are you using that pool as a litter box?” “Yes”. The clerk spoke up

      “I’m glad you asked. I wasn’t going to, but I would have been

      wondering for days.”

      Ann in Arkansas

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