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      We have five cats and use Tidy Cat for
      Multiple Cats, which is the best clumping litter we’ve ever used. With so
      many cats, I scoop the clumps 2-3 times per day, but I have no smell with the
      remaining litter and only do a full dump every 6 months. We have found the best
      litter box for us is a Rubbermaid bin (it’s only about a foot high). It’s
      so easy to clean. If a cat poops up against the side of the container, it doesn’t
      stick and comes off easily. We have a cat with chronic diarrhea so this helps
      us immensely.

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      The litter I use is called “Yesterday’s
      News” (recycled newspaper

      pellets), per my vet’s recommendation. My male cat has urinary

      problems. We go through a lot of litter. It’s not clumping litter,

      so we have to dump everything out twice a week. It’s pricey stuff,

      over $6 a bag. We have to buy a bag (sometimes two bags) every

      Saturday when we go grocery shopping.

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