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      The litter I use is called “Yesterday’s News” (recycled newspaper

      pellets), per my vet’s recommendation. My male cat has urinary

      problems. We go through a lot of litter. It’s not clumping litter,

      so we have to dump everything out twice a week. It’s pricey stuff,

      over $6 a bag. We have to buy a bag (sometimes two bags) every

      Saturday when we go grocery shopping.


      — In, “apiamama” wrote:


      > I am a long time cat owner (outside cats only) that has recently


      > a new indoor only kitty (the only kind I’ll ever have again for


      > cat health/safety reasons).


      > We are using a clumping litter and I am removing solids on a


      > basis. My question to you long time indoor kitty owners is this:

      Do you

      > ever dump the whole box and start over with fresh litter?


      > Or do you just sift and add more fresh litter as needed to keep


      > litter at a “cover-able” level for your kitties? We have not had


      > problems (no odor), but the box has loose litter in it now from a


      > or more ago and I was wondering how long it was “good”…


      > Thanks!


      > Lisa G.


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