Cash Only Budgeting

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      Perhaps you could have a “groceries/household” category–food at
      home, diapers, wipes, haba, paper goods, etc. all the things
      necessary for running a household–then an “entertainment/family”
      category–toys, videos, take-out food, dinner out. i know for me if
      i lump take-out food into groceries, my grocery money is gone really,
      really fast!

      i think once she gets use to using cash it will be
      easier for her. please remember she will only need to carry the cash
      she is planning on spending that day. if you have $400.00 to spend
      on groceries/household for the month you wouldn’t have to carry it
      all with you each time you go to the store.

      Just take an estimated
      amount based on your shopping list. Of course you would need to make
      a list and stick to it. HTH

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