Cash Only Budgeting

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      I use a combination of Dave Ramsey and Mary Hunt. I keep a specified
      amount for my “cash only” for groceries, food out, and gasoline. I
      keep specified amounts for car maintenance, clothing, home repairs,
      medical, etc.

      in a seperate checking account. If I were buying
      multiple “categories” at Wal-Mart or such, I would write a check for
      the car oil and socks. I would check out seperately for the milk,

      and pay with cash. I know I do this with Christmas presents so
      I have an individual receipt for something if there is a possibility
      it would need to be returned and have never had a clerk complain.
      Because my “cash only” categories are so few, I never really have a
      problem with jostling the cash back and forth. If you try to make it
      a complicated, convoluted program it will be too frustrating and your
      wife will probably hate it and fight you at every turn, keep it
      really simple.

      That is my 5 cents worth! HTH

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