Cash Only Budgeting

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      I use a plastic multi section coupon holder to hold my cash- one
      section per spending division…(hope this makes sense). I think I
      bought my coupon holder at Kmart or Walmart, but I have seen them at
      the one dollar store too.

      As far as multiple division purchases from
      one store, I guess you’d have to either use like a $20 from one
      section and then deduct the money from the other sections later to be
      extremely correct, or maybe keep small bills in the sections and if
      the milk is 3.00, the socks 2.00 or what ever, then take 3 ones out
      of the “grocery” section, 2.00 out of “clothing allowance”…just
      keep it as close to correct as possible.

      Maybe someone else has an
      easier solution.


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