Cash Only Budgeting

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      I totally agree with Betsy, we also write down everything that we spend
      with visa, in our checkbook, just as if we wrote a check. That’s how we
      pay off our visa bill at the end of the month with no balance and no
      interest to worry about. I’ve had people look at me strange when I tell
      then what we do, but it works for us.

      and you are right when you said it
      takes discipline. You have to looka the object sometimes and say to
      yourself…”Do I really need this or do I want this?” That’s what I have
      to do, anyway.

      ;0) Really hurst, really bad, when it’s something you
      really, really want, but when you look at the budget, you decide…you
      don’t really need it. ;0( We have a file that we keep all the
      receipts in so at the end of the month we can look back over where we
      need to cut back and what we can do different to meet our budget.


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