Cash Only Budgeting

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      I heard that if you use plastic, you tend to spend 25-50% more than you
      intended, because you are removing the pain of forking over real dollars.
      I probably heard that from Dave Ramsey’s radio program. I used to spend
      $100 every time I went to Wal-mart, now it’s $25-$50, and I go less often.
      And pay cash.

      My friend, who works for a bank, says that banks want you to use debit cards
      for everything, because you lose track of the balance and then
      bing-bing-bing, you get hit with an “insufficient funds fee” or else they
      can charge you interest on the “below-limit” loan you can sign up for.

      And from a police officer friend — don’t take your purse into stores, just
      your i.d., your cash (tucked into the front pocket of jeans, or a fanny
      pack), and just the things you use. And never take mail into the car to
      sort through.

      You are much more likely to get ripped off by bounced fees, credit card
      fees, and late payments, than you are if you are carrying some cash in your
      jeans. After all, who would know if you carry a modest amount of a cash
      unless you broadcast it or waved it around. And I have had identity
      theft — having your credit cards, checking, etc is much worse than losing a
      little money.

      My 2 cents

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