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      I am a mom to 5 and I too have wondered in the past how the babies’
      products should be categorized.

      I have tried doing it many ways and
      finally settled on having a Groceries (all food purchased, including
      baby’s foods and formula etc.) Health and Beauty Products “HBP” which
      diapers and wipes fall into just as toilet paper would for the rest
      of the family, as well as cleaning products and medicine which
      promote good health :o) I put any toys, videos and take out food in
      the “Entertainment” category, “gas and Maint.”

      for our van
      and “Household” for items purchased for the house whether it is for
      decor or repair. I do have a few additional categories that don’t
      get used as much but still need a “category” such as dues for my
      kids’ activities and field trips. I keep a three ring binder with
      sectioned tabs for each category.

      There is a plastic money holding
      envelope (from $ store) to keep the money until needed for the bill
      or for shopping. I staple receipts to a piece of paper, or write the
      amount down. I usually shop at different stores for different things
      so it is easy for me to keep it seperate but I have also asked for
      food and nonfood items to be rung up seperately at the register and
      have not had any complaints from cashiers or other customers.

      really doesn’t take that much more time if you are prepared and
      organized when you go to the store.

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