Cash Only Budgeting

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      >> Just take an estimated amount based on your shopping list. Of
      >> course you would need to make a list and stick to it. HTH

      Therein lies the problem! We’re both recreational shoppers; I’m
      particularly bad with food. My wife learned early on to check each
      and every aisle of a store when shopping so as not to miss a good

      I can walk into a grocery store for peanut butter and come out
      with a pork roast, tilapia filets, and cheese, babbling all the while
      about the amazing dinners I can make. I might or might not have
      actually bought the peanut butter. So, a good dose of discipline all
      around, then!

      The idea of setting internal limits on a collective fund does sound
      good, though; all depends on how much skullwork we want to do.


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