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      Boy, I messed up this formatting 🙂 My new reply is below the stars.

      Perhaps you could have a “groceries/household” category–food at
      home, diapers, wipes, HABA, paper goods, etc. all the things
      necessary for running a household–then an “entertainment/family”
      category–toys, videos, take-out food, dinner out.


      That’s what we have–$150/payperiod (2 weeks) is grocery/household/misc.
      Basically anything I could buy at the grocery store falls under that
      category–cat food and litter, kitchen utensils, storage containers, etc. Also
      when I find those $3 kids shoes at Target when I’m grocery shopping–it gets
      lumped into the Grocery/Household/Misc. I guess “misc” encompasses unplanned
      bargains found when grocery shopping.

      I like having it that way, because I can
      always cut back on food expenses for a week to make up for stocking up on $20
      worth of sale items on the Target endcaps. It gives me more flexibility but
      also limits on bargains–because there can be “too much of a good thing”, lol

      I have to say that I throw some Tightwad Gazette in with the Dave Ramsey that
      I agree with–her belief is that you shouldn’t have a tight weekly amount for
      things–because you don’t know what great bargains you will find that will save
      you a lot of money over the next few months. If you find chicken breasts for
      $0.75/lb or whatever and you only have $5 available in your weekly grocery
      budget, but you have room in your freezer, and will use, 20 lbs of chicken, a
      tight budget will only hurt you in the end.

      I think it’s a good thing to do for a few months, to stick to a strict budget
      week by week, but once it becomes a mindset, a little flexibility can actually
      be better–spend $25 this week, $125 next week, and end up with $200 worth of
      groceries because you stocked up in bulk at the sales!


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