Cash Only Budgeting

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      We do something similar too–
      When DH gets paid, I allocate the money for specific things–some gets
      transferred to savings accounts, write mortgage checks, etc. Then I keep a
      post-it note in my checkbook with a list for the expenses during that pay

      Phone bill-$26


      If there is any surplus in the checking account over and beyond what we need for
      that 2 week period, I transfer it out of checking into a savings account. I use
      either a check, debit card or a credit card for the monthly expenses on the
      post-it note. When we use our credit card, I write it down in the checkbook and
      subtract it just like I had written a check.

      Prevents that “not real money”
      feeling, it’s just like spending cash almost. DH travels a lot and uses the
      credit card for company travel, so we end up getting several hundred dollars
      back at the end of the year from their “rebate” program (it’s a local credit
      union Visa) so that’s why we use our credit card for monthly expenses. But I
      really do have myself “fooled” into using it like a debit card.


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