Cartoon Style Christmas Tree

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      I loved this 3D cartoon style christmas tree made out of repurposed cardboard and some paint.

      it’s actually pretty easy to make your own!

      Here’s how to make a 3D Christmas Tree out of cardboard

      You literally just make it BIGGER using larger sheets of cardboard. You can get these from appliance stores, lowes, menards, home depot, etc. Ask them for their junk cardboard/recyclables.

      1. Draw a tree on the cardboard, curl the ends for effect

      2. cut it out (repeat, you need 2 cut out trees the same size.

      3. Mark the center point of the tree

      4. in one of the cut out trees trace a line from the center to the bottom of the tree

      5. in the second tree trace a line from the center of the tree to the tip top of the tree

      6. measure the thickness of the cardboard

      7. Use the dimension to draw the openings on the traced lines (watch video for clarification if you don’t understand

      8. Cut the openings out

      9. Then slide the top tree over the bottom tree to form a 3D tree

      10. Spray paint it whatever shades of green you want

      11. paint the edges black to give it a cartoonish appearance

      12. add a few decorative accent lines in black

      Decorate the tree with some lights and a star, add ornaments if you want

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      Melissa Burnell

      Thank you BellyJean for taking the time to write out the instructions to this! We’ve sent you a thank you gift via snail mail (to the address in your profile) for your assistance!

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