Carrot Cake Recipe — Baked In A Mug

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      Carrot Cake Recipe — Baked In A Mug
      This carrot cake recipe makes a wonderful individual gift. It’s also a two part gift because you present it in a mug. After the cake is baked and drizzled with glaze, place it in a small clear plastic or cello bag and tie it with raffia, twine, or curly ribbon.

      Tie a gift tag into the ribbon.

      1 mug, oven proof and has the volume of 2 cups
      5 tablespoons all-purpose flour
      1 tablespoon granulated sugar
      1 tablespoons brown sugar
      1 teaspoon baking powder
      1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
      1/8 teaspoon salt
      2 tablespoon shredded coconut
      1 tablespoon raisins or walnuts
      2 tablespoons grated carrot
      2 tablespoons vegetable oil
      1 egg, lightly beaten

      glaze ingredients:

      1/4 cup powdered sugar
      1 teaspoon milk

      Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

      Spray inside of mug with nonstick cooking spray.

      In a small bowl combine flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, coconut, raisins, and walnuts.

      In a second bowl, combine grated carrot, vegetable oil, and egg. Then add dry ingredients and blend all ingredients.

      Pour mixture into mug allowing room for the cake to rise. Bake for 25 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean.

      Allow to cool to room temperature.

      Mix well the powdered sugar with milk and drizzle over the cake.

      This carrot cake recipe makes one mug gift!

      TIP: Make several of these mug gifts at a time and save time and money. Shop at your local dollar store for a nice selection of mugs.

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