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      I’ve used carpet squares with great success, in an apartment that we rent out to tenants, and in my office as well. They are very easy to install and one great benefit (especially when you have tenants) is that if a stain occurs, you can just pull up that one tile and either clean it and place it back down, or replace it with a spare one. Do buy a few spare tiles for just this purpose!

      The type of carpet pile will determine how good they look. Some of them are nearly invisible as tiles…all you see is a broad expanse of carpet that looks like wall-to-wall carpeting until you really get down on your hands and knees to look for the tile lines. But shorter pile carpet tiles can sometimes show the carpet lines – the ones we have in the apartment are like that. However, it isn’t something that you notice immediately, and with furniture in the room, it is far less noticeable.

      We didn’t use any underlay or any glue — it was just place the tiles down, and cut the ones around the edge of the room to fit. Personally, I think carpet tiles are a great idea, and I’d certainly buy them again!


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