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      Carpet Cleaning Solution
      Posted February 27, 2005 and edited

      1/2 cup Murphy’s Oil Soap
      1/4 household ammonia
      Add to water in carpet cleaning machine and follow manufacturer’s instructions to clean carpet.

      Carpet Cleaning Hints

      Carpet and rug shampoo…
      Use 1/2 C. powdered or liquid detergent,
      1 tsp. ammonia
      1 tsp.

      1 qt. of warm water.

      Mix in a bowl with a hand mixer to work up a good froth. Using the froth only, rub lightly with sponge or cloth over the entire carpet.

      Allow carpet to dry and vaccum.

      Try not to get the carpet too wet when shampooing, or at the very least,
      don’t leave it that way for too long.

      If you don’t have a wet/dry vacuum
      you can remove a lot of moisture by rolling the area with a clan paint
      roller. The thicker and more absorbent the roller the better.
      Note Always test any carpet treatment on an inconspicuous area first.
      Before shampooing always vaccum carpet thoroughly. Always begin shampooing your carpet at the end farthest from the doorway and work your way towards the doorway.

      Carpet freshener...

      An easy way to brighten and spruce up a dull carpet is
      to sprinkle a thin layer of borax over it. Let it sit overnight, then
      vacuum it well the next day.

      Another version is to add twice the amt. of corn meal or cornstarch to
      the borax and treat the carpet as above. Or, add 4 T.

      reg. baby powder and
      3 T. cornstarch to a cup of baking soda and treat the carpet as above.

      Carpet stain removal..

      A good general carpet stain remover is foamy shaving cream. Simply apply a blob to the area. Rub it in well with a sponge and then rinse the area off with clan water.

      Let dry overnight and vacuum the next day.

      Waterless hand cleaner is also a good way to clean up stains like oil,
      grease and even tomato-based messes.
      Coffee and tea..

      Blot as much of the spill with paper towels, then apply
      distilled white vinegar to the area.

      If the stain persists, use a blob of
      foamy shaving cream on the stain, rub it in with a sponge and rinse off
      with water. Let dry and vacuum

      Last but not least Pet Accidents

      Pour a liberal amt. of club soda on the
      area and blot immediately with paper towels.
      If the odor is still there the next day, cover the area with about
      1/4 inch of baking soda and let it sit
      on the carpet for 2 days, then vacuum.

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      I have one of those little bissell green machines for spot cleaning and we had a big nasty black stain on the carpet (no Idea what it was from). I used 1 Tbs of superlaundry sauce and dissolved it in 1/2 gallon of Hot water, than poured it into my bissell. It took the stain RIGHT OUT. Worked AWESOME with practically no effort and no perfumey smells afterwards either.

      The husband used the same mixture in his car for his upholstery and it worked great there as well. I just wish he’d take the time to clean my car, lol.

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      thanks great hints for pets and rugs

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      Management has refurbished my apartment. They put a 8″x10″ rug over our carpet because it is carpet for wheel chair accessible. My disability is my back and neck.

      Any way even though I don’t wear shoes in side, in front of wear I sit and my friend sets it is getting soiled. So I need to clean these two spots.

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      If you have pets you do not want to use ammonia, it smells like urine to them and most pets will mark the spot they smell ammonia.

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