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      I found this on the eat-l list and tried it and it is awesome! it is from
      public television’s pledge drive featuring graham haley’s hints, one of
      which is for a carpet cleaner. i tried it and am now a big fan — so i am
      sharing it below.

      (i couldn’t get a huge lather, and the book doesn’t say
      anything about that — and it worked fine.)

      graham haley’s carpet cleaner

      3 tablespoons dishwashing liquid (e.g., Ivory or Joy)
      1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar
      1/2 teaspoon household ammonia
      3/4 cup water

      Pour dish soap vinegar, and ammonia into container. Add water. Beat well into
      later (easiest to put into “foamer containers” you can shake, but can use a
      rotary egg beater).

      Apply foam (JUST foam, not the liquid) to carpet. Rub in
      with sponge.

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