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      Vanilla Syrup 1 pump (.25 fl oz) 2 pumps (.5 fl oz) 3 pumps (.75 fl oz) 4 pumps (1 fl oz)
      Steamed Milk Fill to 1/4″ below rim
      Foamed Milk Top with foam to 1/2″ below the rim of the cup to allow room for espresso shot(s)
      StarbucksĀ® Espresso Roast 1 shot 1 shot 2 shots 2 shots
      Caramel Sauce Top with caramel sauce in a cross hatch design

      1. Add syrup to cup.
      2. Add steamed milk.

      Add foamed milk.
      4. Pour espresso shots in center of milk.
      5. Top with Caramel Sauce in a cross hatch pattern.

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