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      Most car seats are supposed to have a date on them somewhere and if its
      passed that date they are unsafe to use so if you do find a used car seat
      that was bought a year ago and everything is still good on it then it should
      be fine. I did it with my daughter one year. Now my son he outgrew is
      carseat last year and it was tax season time so we splurged on a 89.99 car
      seat at walmart that is supposed to be until he is out of carseats and can
      be used as a booster seat eventually.

      It doesnt have those fancy cup holders that come out of the sides but i figure he cant even reach the cup holder so why buy it. It does have the bar that comes down and extra padding around where he has his head and its almost a year old and its still looking good. It also reclines a little bit.

      Its an Alpha Omega ( dont know the brand just the model) and i thought it was worth the money because it will last a couple years unlike those infant car seats…LOL

      From: “tiffany”
      Date: Fri Dec 30, 2005 3:45 pm
      Subject: Re: : Infant car seat

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