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      The other reason for not buying used is the aging of the seat. Over time the shell will become brittle & break down. (They also need to meet current codes.) If you have an older seat, it may not withstand larger impacts.

      When my kids were little there was very little I bought new……..this was thing that was worth their safety & one less thing to worry about.

      To save money, try & look at used clothing, toys, etc. Those items where safety is not as much of a concern in the actual item. Money you save in this department can be put towards a seat.

      Check the sales, price shop……….identical seats shouldn’t $$$’s apart. You may be able to find a seat that is cheaper than the one with the coupon. Specialty baby stores tend to be higher priced.

      Try Walmart, etc. Best of luck!

      From: “Brian & Cindy Alexander”
      Date: Fri Dec 30, 2005 6:12 pm
      Subject: Re: : Infant car seat luvu4always2002

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