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      Car seats that have ever been involved in a car accident should be
      disposed of immediatly. Stress points can occur which are not visable,
      compromising the safety.

      If you purchase a used one, do so from someone you know, and who was
      the only owner of the seat.

      Cosco makes one that sells for around $65 at, which is
      likely a bit cheaper than that at Walmart, and if you can find it at
      Toys R Us, you can use tru or bru coupons, plus the gift card towards
      it, and get it for around $20 total.

      Take your child with you, and Toys R Us lets you strap the child into
      them, and test how well they will work for each child, and your own

      From: “Heather”
      Date: Fri Dec 30, 2005 9:51 pm
      Subject: Re: Car Seats gilly_bean_baby

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