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      Around here (Kansas) we have a Discount Auto Glass, we were able to replace
      the windshield on our Suburban (much bigger then an Accord) 😉 for only
      $100, brand new. We had another car, a Pontiac Parisienne that we also
      replaced the windshield in for $100. If you could find a place similar, it
      sounds like it would be cheaper then a junk yard, and it’s brand new! Can’t
      help with the rest of the stuff, I know nothing about cars.
      > > 1.) Windshield/New $300/Used $183(if can find at Junk Yard, Kneer’s
      > > didn’t have one).
      > Most junk yards “parts recyclers” are linked by computer, and can
      > search around for you. It should still be cheaper than $183

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