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      I Got This Crock-pot back In 1995 when I first got married..I just can’t seem to let go of it and buy a new oneI dont know..I’m Scared the new one might not work as good as the one I have..My Question is…Is anyone still holding on to they’re Old Age Crock-pot? And Can anyone tell me if The New Crock-pots Cook just as good or better…I do wanna Buy another one Before this one goes out..Any Ideas On a Great brand that works?

      Thanks2lbkos0 smilie

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      I had one for 14 years. It was my first one…it was great. I wouldn’t have parted with it if it hadn’t finally gave up the ghost. It shorted out and was fried.

      Soooooooo…had to replace it. That one didn’t last very long and it went too. My third one has been a really good one, but maybe not as great as my first one.

      The metal body of this one isn’t as sturdy as my old one was and doesn’t heat quite as hot as the first one, although it does get pretty hot.
      I guess I’ll always miss that great first one…that or they’re not making them as good as they used to.
      The only brand slow cooker I’ve ever owned is an actual “Crock-Pot” brand, but one of my best friends has a Hamilton Beach that she loves and wouldn’t trade.

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      Same here Mine is a 1995 rival crock pot lol the one with the purple grapes all over it..anyway Thanks for the help..sure gonna miss my Old crock pot when it goes out..sure made us a lot of Great meals.

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      I have a couple of oldies (both are about the same age) that I still use: A Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker model 3100 (3 1/2 Quart), that my mother got for a gift back in the early 1970’s, and a model 3104 (4 Quart), I got from a friend in 1980 [it was still in it’s box and had never been used] They both work just the way they are supposed to. They are truly SLOW cookers. I really like both of them and hate to think of them going out.

      I have been around several newer makes and models over the years, but I have never been tempted to trade. Thanks;Virginia

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      I had one my mom bought me in 1997. I think it was a Rival. It must have been over 6 quarts.

      I loved it. Then I accidentally broke the crock. I didn’t know where to get another so I bought a new one.

      I can tell you it doesn’t work as good as my first. Anyway, I’ve made some yummy dishes in there. I think I’ll have to give it time and learn how it will work for me.

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      Lala-it -does- seem to take a little time to acclimate to a new one doesn’t it. lol I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t went through it.
      btw, if the same thing should happen with one of your crocks, check out your local thrift stores. I know I’ve seen many of them in some of our local ones.

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      I wish I thought of that but my crock pot was a big one and the one’s I’ve seen at the thrift store are usually small. Oh well. It makes a great cheesecake.


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      I had an old Rival crockpot back in the 70’s to the 90’s. Those old ones were all one piece and were a beast to clean because you couldn’t take the inside container out to wash. Anyway, I could never justify replacing it until I dropped the glass lid one day and couldn’t replace it.

      Problem solved! I have bought 2 crockpots, one large with a sealing lid to take to potlucks, and a smaller one for home. The new ones are so much better and can simplify life even more with all that they have to offer.

      I find I am depending on them more now that I’m under-employed and have to make things stretch so much further.

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      Hi! I am using my third crock pot since I have been married. The first one did not last long.

      The second one ummmmm….. was kidnapped at a pot luck and never returned. My sister bought the one I am using now for my tenth wedding anniversary.

      ( It is now ten years old) and my dear hubby has had to replace both of the handles on the side and put a knob on the glass top but I still use it at least once or twice a week and it still cooks just as good as it did the day she gave it to me. It is a Rival brand and I just don’t know what I am going to do when it finally gives out on me. My friend got one of the new programmable ones and she said it does not work as well as the older ones so I just hope mine lasts a long time.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes Can’t get rid of My Old Crockpot