Canon DVD Camcorder DC210

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      My camcorder isn’t reading discs, not even new ones just unwrapped. It recorded on a disc that was already taped on. Now it won’t even do that.

      Any ideas? I could use the help.

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      Yes, it sounds like you may have forgotten to finalize the previous disc, which leaves the firmware of the canon in limbo, rendering it unable to do anything else.

      BTW, In order to finalize your disc the dc210 must be plug into an outlet even if your battery has a full charge.
      once you finalize the disc it should allow other discs to be read.

      make sure you are in view mode -not record mode…then…press the func button on the side of the camera -you should then notice the finalize option -among others -navigate to the actual finalize command using the joystick, then press it down and let it work its magic – try not to move it until it is finished. after it is finished -it can be removed and will be recognized by a dvd player, recorder or drive that is compatible with this type of disk in the first place, apparently, this camcorder records video to the .vro file type -so be sure any video editor/converter/player software on your computer recognizes this file type.

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      I tried what you suggested. It did read the disc so I could finalize it. However, unfortunately it still won’t read the new discs.

      Any more suggestions? Anything helps.

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      My advice would be to visit their page for this model, I’ve found it here for you:

      Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : DC210

      Update the drivers and the camera’s Firmware. It sounds as though it’s lost a necessary file. Updating the firmware should stop the error.

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      dvd-r/rw and dvd+r/rw are similar but generally non-interchangable formats. canon dvd camcorders only use dvd-r/rw discs.a “disc error” message after it attempts to read camcorders only use dvd-r/rw* or dvd-r dl discs

      (dc10 The DC22, DC50, DC200 series, and DC300 series dvd camcorders use either dvd-r/dl or dvd-rw discs of the 3in (8cm) size discs of the 3in (8cm) size * dvd-r double sided discs may be used however each side will need

      more info here

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      Well Tech,
      I really need to thank you. Apparently I am using the wrong discs. I have dvd+rw discs.

      not -.
      we will purchase the correct discs. hopefully i won’t need your help on this issue again.
      thanks again,

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