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      the reason may be that propane hats at a VERY high temp. Much hotter

      than a gas stove. That may be the only reason I can think of.

      On 7/18/08, brown_eyed_girl375 <> wrote:

      > I have reciently started learning how to can. I have a glass top

      > stove, so it takes much longer for the water to boil. A friend

      > suggested doing it on the grill too on the side burner. I can’t see

      > why it wouldn’t work. However, I just bought a pressure canner for

      > those things you can’t can with the water bath method and the

      > instructions say to never do it outside on a grill. I can’t imagine

      > why. It’s no different IMO than a gas stove. Any thoughts???

      I may

      > just try it anyway one day and see what happens.


      > — In, “hware64” wrote:


      >> I was just given an 8 quart canner with accessories, jars, lids, etc.

      >> Does anyone can outside? We’d like to get something to do the

      >> canning outdoors to avoid heating up the kitchen. A turkey cooker

      > has

      >> been suggested. My folks have offered their old propane grill with

      > an

      >> “h” burner for free. Any suggestions or helpful advice based on your

      >> experiences with this ?


      >> Thanks,


      >> Hope64

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