Can you really save money by buying in bulk?

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      I really believe you can save money by buying in bulk. I’m married
      with an 18 month old, and have always purchased thing this way. I
      buy either large packages of things (tp, paper towels, paper napkins
      for get-togethers, cleaning supplies, detergent, dish soap) or stock
      up on smaller packages when they’re on sale (shampoo, soap,
      deodorant, toothpaste).

      I also buy food this way – as long as
      something will keep without spoiling, and I am sure that I will use
      it up in a reasonable amount of time, I buy it this way. And a
      reasonable amount of time varies between products, but is usually a
      year (for things like paper goods) or 6 months (for canned goods and
      toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo). It really saves me money, time
      and aggravation (I rarely run out of anything).

      You just have to be
      sure that you will use up what you are buying. It is better to error
      on the side of caution and not buy something if you’re not sure,
      which is something I’ve learned by trial and error. You don’t save
      money if it’s not used up!


      — In, “~~Domestic Goddess~~”
      > When you head off to the megastore for some prime bulk shopping,
      ask yourself a few questions before you buy:
      > a.. Will I use all of this? Don’t buy enough aluminum foil to
      wrap the planet if you don’t plan on doing so.
      > b..

      Will this go bad before I can use it? The two-gallon jar of
      spaghetti sauce is perishable once opened, so ask yourself whether
      you can stand to have pasta every night until it’s gone.
      > c.. Do I have room for this?

      There’s nothing worse than having to
      store your 24-roll pack of toilet paper in the living room because
      there’s no room under the bathroom sink.
      > d.. Is the quality good enough that I will enjoy using this
      product? For example, some inexpensive paper towels you can buy in
      bulk are flimsier and make cleaning up more of a headache.

      Make sure
      you like the product you’re getting.
      > Bulk shopping can be great for purchases such as shampoo,
      deodorant, film, toilet paper, beer, laundry detergent, coffee beans –
      – things that won’t go bad and don’t take up too much space. If you
      limit your bulk shopping to these nonperishables, you’ll save money
      and time because you won’t have to replace them as often.
      > taken in part from Ivillage
      > Krista
      > Amazing Grace
      > “I was blind but now I see!” John 9:25
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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Can you really save money by buying in bulk?