can some one help??

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      HI Everyone! Some one else may have already anwsered this question but

      I’m gunna ask anyway….

      I work full time right now doing clerical work and I am expecting mine

      and my husband’s first child in December… I have always wanted to be

      a stay at home mom – not that I think there is something wrong with

      working full time but because I want to be home when my child is. At

      the moment it is not possible for me to quit work altogether because of

      finances. I need to make some where around 280-300 a week for us to

      make ends meet and was hoping there were some stay at home mom’s (or

      former ones) that had some advice on how they did it. I have no

      problems working part time but there are few- if any- oppertunities in

      our town that would pay enough to do that. Any suggestions would be



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