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      I would like to have some ideas on campground activities for family and friends. I would also like some good campfire recipes.

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      One of my absolute favorites on a campfire is breakfast! Seriously! Eggs never taste better than when over the fire.

      How you ask?? Most campsites will have a grate (or half grate) available. Buy a stove top skillet (or camping skillet) and use this to cook on just like a flat top or giant griddle!

      Then the options are endless. Just make sure to bring some utensils! YUM!

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      BTW… want to save money? Use foil on the grate and cook right on the foil…

      bring pots and pans from home to cook on. The flat skillet is not necessary, however, I find it the easiest to cook on!

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      We are headed out for a camping weekend at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico – 3 days of magical bliss during Spring Equinox at a very special place – so I really encourage you to get out and go camping. For breakfast we are warming up special breakfast burritos that we buy from the local Blake’s Lotaburger, a long-standing traditional instiution of New Mexico chile-goodness. For other items, we are packing a grill grate plus our own wood (since hubby makes a killer fire in less than 5 minutes!) and we can do burgers, chicken BBQ or steak kabobs, then fresh carrots and celery and hummus and for dessert: Smores that will be yummy melty warm dark chocolate with creamy marshmallow on cinnamon-choco grahams….

      so delish!! In the crisp fresh air of remote location with ancient ancestors looking on we will be heaven – Get out and enjoy!

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      A great meal on top of the fire is sweet potatoes when done dig out little nest when you cut sweet pototoe in half. Put a tab of butter in each hole and add one egg 2 each side and lay back on wood. Egg and sweet potatoes all in one the yolk can be cooked to preference by leaving it on longer.

      Salt and pepper and enjoy breakfast

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      Not sure how old your kids are, but a nature seek & find is one great family activity. You can find list examples by doing a google or pinterest search. As for campfire recipes, roasting hot dogs is always a classic.

      You can even bump it up by rolling them in crescent dough first.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Camping & Outdoor Recipes Camping throughou the summer