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      This isn’t so much a recipe as a Camping Hack! (or backpacking, boating & at the beach, etc).

      normally when we all get together we have to carry plastic baggies of seasonings or little bottles. here’s a simple tip, use basic plastic straws to store salt, pepper, and various spices and seasonings. all you do is heat one end of a clear plastic straw with a lighter, then crimp it.

      (you can use a butterknife against a picnic table, or pliers, or a multi-tool, etc).

      fill the straw with your favorite seasoning, then repeat the process on the other end to seal it shut.
      just snip off one of the ends when you’re cooking, sprinkle the seasoning on whatever needs to be seasoned and then reseal it when you’re done.

      store them all in a ziploc bag in case of a leak.

      there are a couple hundred different seasoning mixes here:

      also, i use a piece of paper folded in half (then opened back up, dump the seasoning on the crease and use the crease to guide the seasoning into the straw).

      they also make “milkshake straws” if you want a bigger opening.

      (photo credit is from Field & Stream!)

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