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      Hello everyone! I love camping, but I’m not always able to travel. So, I’ve cleared a camping pad away from my house in the woods (still on my property!). I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for how to layer the camping pad for comfort or drainage. I camp in a typical tent with a tarp or foot print down underneath. I’ve always enjoyed sites with lots of pine straw, but I know sometimes it can attract ants.
      What has been the best kind of site you’ve camped on?

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      Pinestraw in our area is a no-no as you’ll end up with scorpions in your tent.

      The trick is to ensure the tarp doesn’t stick out past the boundaries of the tent (aka, you shouldn’t see the tarp), or else the water will pool and make its way through.

      We also used to use bunk cots or air mattresses to lift us (& the bedding) off the ground.

      Best bed we ever bought was a folding frame camp cot.

      For ants we sprinkle diatomaceous earth before we even put the tarp down.

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