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      My son and I signed up to go to summer church camp,and now I am

      thinking this may not be suitable for my son and his needs.My son as

      mosyt of you already know is a special needs child,who gets easily over

      stimulated with lots going on,he also has severe kidney damage and has

      to be cathed every 4 hours.He goes to a medical camp every year and

      does just fine,and figured he would be ok in a normal camp

      situation,but after talking to the youth pastor about it I’m having 2nd

      thoughts..He told me that all the boys would be in one cabin(meaning

      the teens with the little boys excetra) and the girls in the other,my

      son needs alot of guidence,as to what to do,and im afraid he wont get

      that because there will be too much going on. I also asked him about

      the cathing,he told me well he can be cathed before bed,I told him he

      needs to be cathed every 4 hours,he looked at me and then said well

      theres going to be a nurse there and we’d figure something out,to me he

      didnt seem he wanted to be bothered by it,so i now dont know if we

      should go,what do you all think??

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