camping blues

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      the reason for the cathing is to stop the urine from backing up into his kidneys(refluxing)and he will get utis if he doesnt cath. as for the camp nurse i dont know if she is an lpn or not but i attend to be there with him when its cathing for over stimulation,yes he tends to mis behave when this happens,he also has melt downs but i think sugar triggers that,because he hasnthad one in a great while,or coming down froma sugar high one of the two

      r north wrote: if he’s not cath’d doesn’t
      that increase the possibility of infections? if they are not trained what happens? is it a real nurse or not?

      many people call anyone who sticks bandaids on the kids a nurse

      what are the results of over stim? does he have behavior issues? will it cause a meltdown when he comes home?

      if he has to be cath’d will the kids make fun of him at school?

      list owner of :


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