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      — In, “J Diane Northcutt” wrote:
      > I am confused . An off topic post came throught about the Post Office and the phrase In God We Trust. It was immediately declared off topic and inappropriate for a budgeting forum. In no uncertain terms future post on this topic were banned.>

      I would be Happy to answer that question. In our list rules, our list policy BANS any topics of Religion or Politics. Period.

      Why Ban Religious Topics? Because we have nearly 5,000 people on list from many religions including, (but NOT limited to) Paganism, Wicca, Druids, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Shamanism, Christian, Buddhism, Kabbalah, VooDoo, FreeMasonry, Gnosticism, taoism,scientology,and even Satanism (yes, that is a religion).

      We do not discriminate here, if we allow 1 religious post such as “in God we Trust” we must allow them all. Do you really want to read multiple postings on multiple religious views every day on this list? I sure as hell don’t.

      Why BanPolitical Topics?

      Again, No point in dealing with this type of rhetoric day in and day out. We have people here from many different countries, Aussies, Americans, Canadians, etc. Do you want to read politics happening in every country?

      If so, I recommend, fox, and a few other good political sites. however, this isn’t one of them.

      >>I have since seen a few other off topic post about bullying come through and there has been no issue taken . Why? Are some off topic post ok and others not?

      What is the policy ? Is just God topics banned? Please help me understand the policy.<<

      The policy is Listed within the List Rules, to which every member receives when they subscribe, as well as in a bi-weekly reminder.

      To answer this question, Parenting topics are not “Off topic”. More than half of the members on list are parents topics such as bullying, lice, special needs children, etc are very much issues that can end up costing alot of money. If bullying isn’t addressed early on, the Medical expense for treating a childs depression alone can cause the loss of a family home, Hence, on topic.

      This list IS: A place to share Mix Recipes, Copycat/clone Recipes, Gift Ideas, Do it Yourself ideas, homemade gifts, frugal gifts, gifts in a jar, kitchen mixes, budgeting articles, gag gifts, homemaking info, homeschooling info, Gardening and landscaping cheaply, coupons, parenting help, etc. Anything that has helped you save money and get out of debt.

      I hope this clears any confusion as to what is & isn’t allowed on list.


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