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      Didn’t know what else to call this recipe as it is just a ‘dumping’ of all the leftover food items on the last day of campinggiggle smileyyou tell me what to call it! LOL!
      Camp Stuff
      1 lb Kielbasa sausage
      1-2 lb ground beef
      1 medium onion, chopped
      1 15-oz can pork and beans
      1 15-oz can red beans
      garlic granules, to taste
      salt and pepper, to taste
      cottage cheese, as a side
      dill pickles, as a side
      Brown the ground beef and onion together in a skillet or kettle. Either works fine.

      Slice sausage into 1-2 inch slices and add to ground beef just before it’s completely brown. Drain any grease and add both beans. Stir in a small amount of water to help all ingredients absorb flavors.

      Basically, you can just rinse each bean can out and that is enough water. Once all ingredients are mixed together, simmer for about 10 minutes and serve with a side dish of cottage cheese and a dill pickle slice. Also works well in the heat of the summer, because you can also cook it outside on the bbq grill or an open fire pit.

      Please note that salt, pepper, garlic or any other seasonings used, are more of personal taste. The rest just comes from the sausage and how the onions flavor the ground beef. You can experiment any way you see fit.

      Make it your own!!
      mornincoffee smilie

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      two centseat drink smilieThanx For the Great Idea..Will Have to try this with leftovers..I’ll let ya know..Plan on Camping This Spring

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      giggle smileythis would work at home (like none of us have never just dumped what was on hand in a pot to make a meal! lol!). the only reason that i have a recipe is that my ever-organized dd kept an inventory called ‘camp stuff’ for each adventure.

      it was her job to double-check the list (not that i didn’t check behind her;->) to make sure that we had everything. as things were used up, she would draw a line through the item — consumable items like lantern fuel, cooking fuel, candles, wood (yeah we carried our own just in case we couldn’t find any good, dry wood for fires), food, etc. after one winter camping trip, i asked what were our food options and we both agreed to just dump them all in the pot and see what happens.

      we did, it was good, and dd *the items we used. i found the list while checking supplies to survive the weather event and remembered what we did on that last night and thought that i’d share. i used the title “camp stuff” as that was the heading on the list. soooo…again, anybody have a better title…i’m ready!

      speaking of weather events, i am ready for whatever comes. no generator, but i’m ready with lanterns, cooking stove, candles, hurricane lamps, canned and dehydrated foods…come on mother nature — hit me with your best shot! lol!

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      sounds like a great way to get ride of leftovers and have a great meal. thanks for the info.

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      PapaJim…you need to let us know what you used for leftover for the…last meal of the trip and how it turned out! from personal experience, it is different every single trip;-d that is, much to the chagrin of my very logical dd! lol!

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      Heh, Sometimes the leftovers aren’t so great mixed together… 😉

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