California Turkey

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      1 whole turkey
      Fresh oranges
      Fresh lemons
      Fresh limes
      Fresh pineapple
      Butter or honey

      Prepare the turkey for roasting in the traditional manner using a roasting pan. Instead of stuffing the cavity with “stuffing”, stuff it with a combination of orange, lemon, lime and pineapple slices. Coat the skin generously with either butter or honey (if you wish a sweeter taste.) Cook according to weight…do not baste!

      notes: the turkey will turn out far more moist than you have ever had, with a hint of citrus!! the drippings you cannot use for gravy though, the only drawback. use a deep pan for roasting…there will be a lot of juice!

      you can leave the rind on the citrus…it doesn’t make a difference.

      number of servings: 5-10

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