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      Hello. As 2008 quickly approaches, it is time to think of the yearly

      calendar. I was out the other day and I saw a calendar/agenda called

      The Mom Agenda. It has spaces pre-designated for Mom’s activities

      and kid’s activities. Anyone have any experience with it?

      I picked up a pocket calendar at the Hallmark store counter the other

      day. Free! I give them to people. Too small for me.

      I usually use my Franklin Covey compact size planner. For 2008, I am

      thinking of switching to the one page a day format. It will be much

      lighter to carry, plus I can keep using my current accessories. (I

      have had the Franklin system for several years.) I like it. It’s


      However, I need something that does not add any extra bulk to what I

      carry everyday. This one fits inside my tote, already has the

      address pages completed (though they need some revising & updating),

      and is in a loose leaf binder, so I can re-organize it at will. Move

      this section to the front, move section 2 to the middle, etc.

      I like to have the flexibility. I also like to utilize one main

      planner for all of the family activities. Since my son is still a

      toddler, there is no real “schedule” for him. No soccer games, no

      recitals, no practices that he needs to attend without us. KWIM?

      I saw the Coach version. I saw the Day Timer too. The D.T. has some

      nice aspects, but I can’t figure out if the inserts for the D.T. will

      fit inside of my Franklin planner. It bugs me when they

      make “similar” but different pages (the holes are in different

      locations), so interchanging is difficult. Even if they are

      off “just a smidge”, it renders them useless, unless you are willing

      to re-punch them and make them swiss-cheese like. Argh!!!!

      I keep a large wall-calendar with big squares for the overall

      picture, and I keep the Franklin Planner for day to day living. I am

      just looking for more input. Maybe one of you has a better

      mousetrap. I have considered going electronic and getting a

      PDA/phone combination, but it is not in the plans right now. I can’t

      sync my work computer to the PDA then to the home computer, since the

      work computer has more firewalls and software/hardware blocking on

      it. Hey, it’s not my computer, so I have ZERO CONTROL over it. So,

      that is out.

      What do all of you use?



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