Cajun Shrimp and Okra Gumbo or Chicken and Okra Gumbo

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      Cajun gumbo is a little different than Creole gumbo mostly because we usually don’t put as many ingredients in each gumbo. We do use most of the same ingredients but they are grouped into different gumbos. Examples are we will make shrimp and okra gumbo/ chicken and sausage/ shrimp and egg/ seafood gumbo. But rarely will you see a more complex gumbo. We usually do not add tomato to a gumbo with the exception to an okra gumbo and then we add just a little. With that being said no 2 gumbos taste the same and mine will differ from my neighbors. We all make it along the same lines as our mom did and depending if your mom came from a parish (we don’t have counties) a little closer to new Orleans than her gumbo differed a little.
      I know I am rambling but just explaining why my gumbo is not like what they have on Tv. The gumbos on Tv have a lot of Creole influence.
      Today the menu calls for shrimp and okra
      I usually smother (cook the crap out of it till it no longer has slim and doesn’t resemble okra) my okra and bag it in quart bags and freeze it. So I cant tell u how much fresh okra to use. It is to dang hot in okra season for gumbo. I guess I will do another post to tell you how I smother okra down for freezing.
      Today I am using 2 quarts of okra.
      Put a small amount of oil in a large pot. Use a thick pot. A thin stock pot will just scorch your gumbo.
      cook down 2 chopped onions, a chopped bell pepper and 2 chopped ribs of celery.
      At this point you can add a few tablespoons of roux or not ( I usually don’t but sometimes if I wont have time to brown my okra I will)
      then add in 2 quarts okra. Smother it down more. It will begin to stick but just keep scrapping then bottom of the pot. The more you smother it the darker your gumbo will be and the better it will taste.
      After it is dark, thick, no slim then add a few chopped cloves of garlic and about 1/2 can of stewed tomatoes. This is the only gumbo I add tomato to and I only add it if I have some. It is not needed.
      Cook the tomatoes down in the okra for about 15 minutes.
      You can season and stop at this point an have a great side dish of smothered okra. If my husband walks in the house from now till I add water he will scoop out a mug to snack on.
      Add 12 cups of water. This will give you your guide to where your water level needs to be. From this point you can cook it from 30 minutes to all day. I started mine at noon and will let it cook on med/low for a few hours. DO NOT COVER…IT WILL BOIL OVER. I tend to boil over each gumbo at least once while cooking. Just cook it slow.
      If you are using chicken now is a good time to brown your chicken in another pan. Some people don’t brown it first but I rather the flavor it gives the chicken. Do not use boneless/skinless your gumbo will have no flavor.
      Add some seasoning to gumbo cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper and a little garlic powder if want a little more garlic taste. WARNING THE GUMBO DOES NOT TASTE GOOD YET!!
      I am using shrimp not chicken. I am adding 2 quart size bags of peeled tails.
      cook till shrimp or chicken is cooked adding water as needed to bring back to origional starting point. When meat is cooked turn pot off, cover it and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before eating. Okra gumbo is one that taste best as left overs. Tomorrow it will be awesome. I make such a large pot so I can freeze it. You can easily cut recipe down. Before serving taste your seasoning and add if needed. Serve over cooked rice.
      Okra gumbo isn’t the most widely made gumbo but it is so healthy and I love it.
      sorry again for rambling on and on and on.

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      Crap my title came out wrong should be “shrimp okra gumbo or chicken okra gumbo” anyone know how to edit?

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